The Function of Pet Shelters in Our Society

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Pet shelters are agencies that provide care and treatment to pets that no longer have owners and home. Shelters range from single room to multiple rooms equipped with the state of the art amenities. There are luxurious features that keep them relaxed and stress free, inviting a positive vibe to pets. In this shelter, they are provided with food, proper pet grooming be it a cat bath or a dog bath, and security. They can provide protection and find homes for homeless animals too. And if still possible, they can also try to locate pets’ previous homes and owners

The Function of Pet Shelters in Our Society

This facility can be categorized as municipal animal control agency that is run by the city or county government; private, non-profit agency controlled by a board of directors; private, non-profit agency with a government contract to provide animal control services.

Municipal animal control agencies take in any animal that is brought to their door by the public or seized by animal control agents on patrol. Because a municipal animal control agency is an open access, there will be times when they need to euthanized animals to make room for incoming animals. This is not done lightly nor done without having any regrets on the part of the individuals who worked for these agencies. It is arbitrary to kill the animals when you think of it closely. However, this is the current option they have for animal control in the US. Though the numbers of euthanized animals are reduced for the last decades, still records of these instances bother humanitarians and philanthropist. After several years of hard work, euthanized cases were reduced due to the effort of the shelter community to find adoptive families for the pets. These agencies are funded by the government but mostly are underfunded.

Private, non-profit agencies depend on donations and grants to fund their programs. Many private agencies have limited access which means there is a limit to how many animals they can shelter due to their “no kill policy.” Both municipal and private agencies set up foster-care networks to increase the number of animals they can serve. These two types of agencies may provide services to the public if they have the sufficient resources. These services include such as animal exams and spay /neuter surgeries, humane education, and behavioral evaluations and training.

With time, the treatment of animals at the shelter improved. Different organizations have taken action regarding the killings of overstayed animals, eliminating the killing of strays by means of drowning. The humane law protects the animals from being brutally killed, making a pet shelter truly a home for where there is love and protection.