Qualities to Look for in Choosing a Pet Grooming Service Provider

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Just like humans, pets need to take a bath, brushed their hair, trim their nails regularly. This is basic pet grooming. Pets know they need grooming but they need their owners’ help to make this happen.

Many people feel comfortable grooming their own pets. Nevertheless, it is the owner’s preference of whether you need professional help or you could manage with your own skills. If you don’t have the time, tools, patience and experience, then you could seek professional help. Typically, a professional can more safely do the task. However, the needed qualities must be seen first before delegating the task to someone.

Qualities to Look for in Choosing a Pet Grooming Service Provider
  • Start by asking recommendations from friends, veterinarian, dog trainer, pet supply store, or animal shelter. Check the yellow pages for information too. Some groomers are registered or certified but no government agency regulates license so check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any filed complaints among the pet grooming service provider on your list.
  • Before selecting a grooming facility, make a tour. Then, evaluate your findings. Check if the facility is well-lit, clean, and if the people handling the animals are knowledgeable. Observe the staff for gentle handling of animals. Study the place for size and division between dogs and cats.
  • The cost of these services varies from place to place and from its services rendered but affordable pet grooming should not be impossible. Fees for simple services such as shampooing, providing haircut and brush will cost you about forty to sixty dollars. Though, it also depends on the difficulty of the task that may involve extreme matting of hair or fur on your pet. Extensive services cost more. Expect to pay a little more when you avail for mobile pet grooming services.
  • Make sure that your pet is up to date with visits to the vet. Make sure that your pet is protected, with complete vaccines. Keep its health and well-being on a maximum level before going to pet grooming service provider.
  • Allow your pet to get used to being handled, so that it won’t make too much fuss on the actual grooming time. This is for your pet’s safety too. The groomer might accidentally injure your pet if it is not behaving while grooming sessions are done.
  • Express your pet’s needs to the groomer. Share necessary information regarding health and temperament of your pet to the groomer. The groomer must be aware of what the pet needs most before starting.
  • Keep your goodbyes short. When you drop your pet off, there is no need to make long farewell for this increase the stress level of your pet. This helps the groomer to thoroughly clean your pet without any difficulty. So, make your goodbyes quick and brief.
Qualities to Look for in Choosing a Pet Grooming Service Provider

These are the suggestions to pet owners given by the Humane Society of the United States. Keep your pet healthy, clean and happy. Scrutinize the pet grooming service you want to avail before hitting the green light.